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Who says that a designated rent price is the final and end all when it comes to renting the apartment you want? People negotiate home buying prices why shouldn’t rental prices be negotiated? Well if you have been wanting to negotiate on rent but don’t know where to begin, fear not the local moving services in Mobile, have some advice to help get you closer to the price you want!

Timing is everything when negotiating rent prices. So, when is the right time to bring up the talk? There are a few times during your lease that would provide the best atmosphere to negotiate on rent. One is at the end of the month. Most leases end towards the last days of the month, this is when landlords know they need to find new tenants to keep rent flowing in and to keep current tenants. Bringing up your desire to negotiate on rent could be better received during this time. Moving services in Mobile, also suggest negotiating your rent a few months before your lease expires. This way your landlord is aware of your desire to leave if they do not agree to negotiate on rent. It also gives you plenty of time to find a new place to live. Many landlords are much more inclined to working with current tenants so they do not need to worry about looking for another tenant in the upcoming months.

Now that we’ve established a when, the moving services in Mobile know you are probably wondering how to actually bring the subject up. Well there are several ways to negotiate on rent but they all follow these steps. (1) Do your research! You must know the prices of comparable housing in the nearby neighborhood so you can ask for a realistic quantity. Knowing this information will also help give you confidence because you have a better understanding of the realistic prices in the area. (2) Make the negotiation appeal to your landlord as well. In return for a lower rate, offer to pay a few months upfront. Money talks and your landlord may be more willing to lower the price if he can see the money soon. (3) Have all documents and information available during your meeting with your landlord. Proof can help settle any arguments and provide a solid foundation for your request.

The USS Alabama is a historical battleship from World War II. Currently stationed in Mobile, Alabama the USS Alabama is the star attraction at Battleship Memorial Park. Mobile, AL movers are huge fans of the memorial park which features the battleship along with Submarine USS Drum, an indoor pavilion with over 25 aircrafts, and Korean and Vietnam Memorials.

As a one-of-a-kind military attraction, it is one of our Mobile movers’ favorite museums. It is fun for the whole family and educational. You and your family will have the opportunity to learn about the oldest American submarine on display, the USS Drum. With twelve battle stars, she is a veteran of World War II. Originally launched in May of 1941, submarine USS Drum played a crucial part in the outcome of World War II. Officially declared a National Historic Landmark in 1986, the USS Drum is awaiting eager visitors to learn about her incredible history and numerous patrols during her tenure. The main attraction, USS Alabama is a well decorated battle ship. Beginning her tenure with the US Navy in 1942, the USS Alabama served 37 months of active military duty to our country. Serving the Atlantic and Pacific theaters, she earned nine battle stars by the end of her tenure in 1962.

In addition, your family can learn more about the Korean and Vietnam wars and look upon relics of these historical events. With so much information to take in and learn, there will not be a dull moment in your day. Battleship Memorial Park also offers visitors a chance to view and learn about various aircrafts used in World War II.

The cost of moving in the spring is higher than in the winter, but not as high as summer. It feels like the cost of moving increases at the same rate as the temperature does. The Mobile, AL movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are the highest rated and most affordable movers in Alabama. Even our schedule can get packed as the spring approaches. So how do you save money moving in the spring?

Work With the Mobile, AL Movers

The cost of moving on a weekend is higher than it is on a week day. Get some time off from work and move during the week for savings. Mid-week is the best time to book Mobile, AL movers and a great way to save money moving in spring.

Try to negotiate with movers to get the best price. At All My Sons, we assign clients with a moving specialist. Discuss your spring moving budget with your full service moving coordinator and find a moving price that works for you!

Cut Other Costs

If the cost of moving in spring is high, then try cutting costs in other areas. The weather in Mobile, AL is great this time of year, so shut off the air conditioning and open the windows.

If you are a savvy saver, you most likely sold some furniture before you moved to Mobile, AL, which is the best way to save money moving in spring. You can visit the local swap shops and markets to buy furniture after you move in.

Put Away Your Credit Cards

Do not put anything on credit. You may be tempted to do renovations on your new home and put them on credit, or to landscape the garden or put the Mobile, AL movers on credit. However, do not do it. Pay for everything in cash, or save up for your move to Mobile, AL sooner!

Thinking of calling the Mobile, AL movers this summer? Moving to a dorm in Mobile, AL? Well, your tuition may be a little more expensive than you thought. A recent study of the most expensive schools in America revealed that Columbia University, New York, is the priciest school in the country. Students spend more than $53,000 a year. One Mobile, AL school took the top spot of most expensive school in Alabama.

Spring Hill College in Mobile is number one. Students pay on average of $34,000 a year in tuition and other school related fees; the highest tuition in Alabama. It may not be an award to be proud of per se, but this Mobile, AL school boasts a hands-on system. The student-to-teacher ratio is 17:1, which allows for a hands-on education that no other Mobile, AL school can beat.

The cost of living in Mobile, AL is comparatively low. Mobile, AL movers are as affordable as they can be.

Students who move to Mobile, AL are likely to choose the University of Mobile. It is a popular choice for most who grew up in the area. The University of Mobile is also comparatively cheaper than any other Mobile, AL school.

The cheapest Mobile, AL school award goes to Auburn University. Not only is it cheaper, but it has the highest graduation rate of any of the other schools in Mobile, AL.

Regardless of which school you choose, call the Mobile, AL movers at All My Sons and we will get you there for a better price than the rest.

The holidays are a time for fun and joy with friends and family. What better way to spend your holidays than out on the town enjoying the beautiful weather? Your local Birmingham movers have compiled a short list of some Christmas events in Birmingham that you should bring the family out to this holiday season.

Winter Social at Bullring – Winter Social, the Christmas market in Birmingham, is located on The Balcony on St Martins Walk, Bullring. The market will run until Christmas Eve, every Tuesday to Sunday from noon until 9 p.m. There will be a wide variety of food and drinks from local Birmingham vendors. There will also be bands and local DJs showcasing their talents.

The Magical Lantern Festival – Located at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the Magical Lantern Festival is one of our favorite Christmas events in Birmingham and is here to light up the season! Giant lanterns light up the entire park here. Celebrating over 2,000 years of lantern festivals, this event also features some traditional Chinese lanterns. The event ends on January 2.

Christmas at Cadbury World – Enjoy all of the chocolate you can imagine at the World’s Biggest Cadbury Shop. Your local Birmingham movers announce that you can also learn about how it is made, play in chocolate rain, and add your favorite treat to melted Cadbury Dairy Milk. You can also check out Santa every weekend from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. on the 20, 21, and 22.

Ice Skate Birmingham and the Observation Wheel – These Christmas events in Birmingham run until January 8 in Centenary Square. You can ice skate Birmingham on the beautifully crafted ice rink and the observation wheel to enjoy the views of Birmingham. These venues are open daily, from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.

As the cold weather begins to roll in, Birmingham residents begin to bundle up and switch their heaters to the on-position. This season, movers and packers in Birmingham report that the area is going to experience below-freezing temperatures. Unfortunately, there are many who do not have a warm home to enter as soon as the sun falls. One Birmingham organization is here to help those is critical need this winter. Be A Blessing Birmingham, a community group that works to help the homeless, is here to the rescue. This is their second time coming to supply the Birmingham people in need.

Be A Blessing is collecting cold weather items, such as coats and blankets, for the homeless near Birmingham. Your movers and packers in Birmingham also announce they are providing heals, hygiene products, hand warmers, and more. On Saturday, December 17, Be A Blessing will be handing out wrapped gifts to the needy around Linn Park.

Aside from warm winter clothing and gifts, the group will be serving a Christmas-themed lunch with all of the Christmas classics. Movers and packers in Birmingham agree that it is our duty as a community to stick together and take care of our fellow community residents.

There are three emergency shelters in Birmingham, being the Salvation Army, First Light, and the Firehouse Shelter. The Boutwell Auditorium is also a warming station for those who are suffering from the cold for more than one day at a time.

The movers and packers in Birmingham believe spreading the love and holiday spirit is what Christmas is all about.

Preparing the year’s biggest feast for friends and family is a major task that requires a lot of work. Not to worry, All My Sons’ Birmingham movers can make the experience fun and easy with these smooth Thanksgiving tips.

Follow this guide and make taking on the Thanksgiving meal an enjoyable part of the holiday.

1.Plan and write out all recipes ahead of time. This way you won’t be scrambling to remember certain measurements and ingredients on the day of.

2. If you don’t have a wire roasting rack for your turkey, crumple up multiple sheets of aluminum foil and coil them on the bottom of the pan.

3. Prep and cut all vegetables the day before, and store them in the fridge. This includes chopping onions, peeling potatoes, and washing greens.

4. Add baking powder to mashed potatoes for extra “fluff”. To save room for cooking other items, keep mashed potatoes warm in a slow cooker. Set temperature on low and stir every hour.

5. If you forgot to buy a rolling pin for dough, a wine bottle is just as effective.

6. Use a muffin tin to make individual portions of stuffing. This helps make the stuffing crispier and easier to serve.

7. Potatoes are easier to peel after they’ve been boiling. Boil them for 15 minutes, let them cool for 10 minutes and the skin should come right off.

8. Use a portable cooler for extra fridge space.

9. Keep your pie crust frozen up until you put it in the oven. This will maintain its shape the best.

10. Add a spoonful of soy sauce to gravy to bring out the most flavor.

Birmingham movers recommend that you keep these Thanksgiving tips in mind, so you can make your meal preparation simple and satisfactory!

Alabama is full of fun facts and awesome places to check out. If you are moving to Birmingham, local movers have the top eight things you should know about Birmingham.

1.Compared to other major cities, the cost of living in Birmingham is relatively low. Local Birmingham movers say this city ranks at the 12th most affordable metro area.

2. Many people forget that Alabama’s most populous city is an outdoor mecca. There’s paddle boating an Oak Mountain, zip lining at Red Mountain, and tubing at Cahaba River. Residents of Birmingham can head to Railroad Park to relax by the ponds or check out the skaters at the park. Birmingham movers also suggest you try out the Birmingham Botanical gardens, which offers free entry all year.

3. One thing your should know about Birmingham is that it was the first city to celebrate Veterans Day. Local Birmingham movers say the largest Veterans Day celebration continues here each year.

4. It is easy to find a delicious beer in Birmingham. This Alabama city is home to multiple breweries and micro-breweries producing unique, craft beers.

5. If you are moving to Birmingham, you’d better be aware of Dixie Alley – a tornado prone area that can keep residents on their toes from March to May.

6. The SEC (Southeastern Conference) Headquarters are in downtown Birmingham. Football is a big deal to Birmingham residents.

7. Out-of-towners might be confused when they see the Statue of Liberty – but this is just a replica made for Liberty National Life Insurance Company.

8. Don’t forget to check out the underground music scene. Birmingham movers recommend residents dive into the latest music scene at Workplay, Bottletree Café, and Iron City. Birmingham is also home to Secret Stages, a music festival with unsigned bands from all over the country.

The fall is a beautiful time to get outside and embrace the weather before it gets too chilly. All My Sons Birmingham has provided their top three favorite Birmingham parks to spend time at this fall. Whether you are wanting to spend the time with family, friends, or just want to get outside, visiting a local Birmingham park will leave you satisfied with the new area you reside in.

Railroad Park. This Birmingham park located downtown is one of the biggest parks around, with about 19 acres of grassy land for you to enjoy. All of the open space leaves its visitors with the ability to get creative. Play Frisbee or throw a football around at Railroad Park. Your All My Sons Birmingham movers want you to know that you will not run into the problem of an overcrowded Birmingham park here!

Homewood Park and Recreation Center. This center has many different parks for you to enjoy. Playgrounds, tennis courts, and fitness centers are all present for you to enjoy at this Birmingham park. Your friends at All My Sons Birmingham state that this is a great place to get kids involved in local city sports.

Veterans Park. One of our favorite parks to spend time in this fall is Veterans Park. Enjoy running or walking the three-mile trail, or take is easy on the lakeside. Veterans Park is also home to one of Alabama’s War memorials, making this Birmingham park a local favorite.

All My Sons Birmingham suggests checking out these parks and staying active this fall. Get a group of friends together for weekly meetings and embrace the different activities that these awesome Birmingham parks have to offer!

If you are new to Birmingham, you may not realize how much locals love their gourds! Preparing and waiting all year for the Alabama Gourd Festival, these pumpkin lovers go all out! The festival is located in Cullman, Alabama, about a 45 minute drive from Birmingham. The Alabama Gourd Festival is a great way to celebrate the fall, as the atmosphere is all things pumpkin! Your friends at All My Sons Birmingham suggest that the drive is worth it, because driving through Alabama in the fall provides beautiful views of the foliage. The drive will also help you to get a better acquainted with your new area.

Presented by the Alabama Gourd Society, you can view and learn about all things pumpkin at the Alabama Gourd Festival! The event will take place at the Cullman Civic Center on October 15 and 16. Admission is affordable, at only $3!

This year’s theme is the “gourd round up”. Many gourd growers will be present to show off their yearlong efforts to produce the best gourds from all over the state.

Classes on gourd growing, as well as many different competitions will be taking place. You can take part in learning about different types of gourds, carving, art, and much more at the show.

This year marks the 18th annual gourd show. The Alabama Gourd Festival is the perfect way to embrace what your new state has to offer while celebrating the fall! You can also leave the show with some new gourds to decorate your home with. All My Sons Birmingham suggests becoming acquainted with the culture of your new area. Get to know the locals here! You should even consider joining the Alabama Gourd Society so you can participate as a vendor or volunteer in next year’s show!