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If you are moving to Birmingham, chances are you will stumble upon local favorite Barton Academy. One of the oldest buildings in the city, Barton Academy is also the oldest public school built in Alabama. Built in 1836, the academy is finally being renovated, along with the JD Yerby School next door.

The school system passed a $3 million renovation plan for the exterior of the academy. As a result, the Barton Academy Foundation is looking to raise an additional $15 million to convert the school into an international school. This is great news for anyone who is looking to move to Alabama from overseas.

Since Barton Academy is an Alabama architectural treasure, Birmingham moving companies hope that the exterior renovations will not hinder the architectural appeal that has been cherished for over 200 years.

Barton Academy has always symbolized the bold moves that Alabama has taken towards education, and locals want to make sure that it still does. If the Barton Academy Foundation does decide to convert the building into an international school, it would continue to hold its legacy as being a leader in education, as the academy plans to create the specialty for grades 6-12. The specialty school would be an academy where students can learn foreign languages and world cultures, as well as “learn to succeed in an interconnected world,” according to their website.

It is officially August, and that means that the moving season is coming to an end. Cities such as Austin and Boulder are the top places to move to in the United States because of the many things they have to do there. Many other cities are trying to catch up to the level of appeal that these two cities hold for millennials; however, Birmingham is not one of those cities.

Birmingham movers and locals both know that their city is awesome – and even a little weird. The following places rank as the 6 weirdest Birmingham hot spots locals love. Chances are, new residents will fall in love with these spots as well.

  1. African Village – Local Birmingham folk artist, Joe Minter, transformed his yard into an African Village. Not sure why this would be a local hot spot? Well, Minter invites everyone to check out his collection of African-American history-inspired art pieces made of old car parts, baking pans, sports equipment, Christmas décor, and other items you would never think could be made into an African-American history lesson. Let Birmingham movers finish unpacking your belongings and take your family to this truly once-in-a-lifetime museum experience.
  2. Ed’s Pet World – What could make your move to Birmingham more perfect other than by topping it off with a new family pet? As you drive-up to Ed’s, you may feel as if you are about to enter the same-old, boring pet store. You better think again fast, because Ed’s is where you can find bearded dragons, guinea pigs, turtles, and dogs all roaming around together like family.
  3. What’s on 2nd – It’s funny because that could also be a question. What’s on 2nd is known for having everything ever made, all in one location – and they are not kidding. No matter how many times you visit What’s on 2nd, you will never be able to see everything that is in the store. One trip to What’s on 2nd, and you will forget all about your move to Birmingham and those dreadful boxes waiting to be unpacked.
  4. Books, Beans, Candles – One of Birmingham’s only metaphysical shops, if you are not into pagans, witches or Wiccans, this will not be the place for you. However, if you are moving to Birmingham and those things are right up your alley then you will love it! Books, Beans, Candles also has a coffee shop inside for when you need a quick pick me up.
  5. Reed Books/Museum of Fond Memories – For a book collection of over 300,000 that dates back to 500 years ago, book worms rejoice at local bibliophile Jim Reed’s collection of books that flow from floor to ceiling.

If there is one thing you should know before you move to Birmingham, it’s that we like to give a little back. Sozo Trading Company benefits Sozo Children, a non-profit benefitting orphans in Uganda. Now, the local Birmingham thrift store is donating to Sozo Children with the opening of their new location.

Sozo Trading Company reportedly received so many mounds of clothing donations that they had to open a new thrift store in Avondale. What makes Birmingham movers so excited about the new local thrift store is that all profits go towards helping orphans in Uganda.

But wait, it gets better! If you are moving to Birmingham and could use some assistance with clothing, or like to purchase vintage clothing from thrift stores, Sozo Trading Company is also lending aid to anyone in the community who needs it. Sozo Trading Company can be found at 4 41st Street South, Birmingham, Alabama 35222, and they are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. After your Birmingham movers have finished moving you in to your new home, if you have any clothing that you have decided not to hang in your closet, bring it to Sozo’s new location and help support the children of Uganda.

When it comes to moving, there are a couple secrets that you should know for the 2015 moving season and new resident of Connecticut, Christina Leoni, learned one moving secret the hard way.

July is the peak-moving month, as it is the very last month that families can scramble to try and get their move completed before their children have to go back to school. As a result, not only are Birmingham moving companies bombarded with moves, but so are the rest of the movers across the nation. On top of that, most homeowners do not do their research before hiring a local moving company. The end result, the homeowner hires the moving company that offers the best price, their move is completed (with the moving company most likely inflating the original quote), and there commonly is damage to furniture or lost items, which is exactly what Leoni learned.

Once Leoni’s move was completed, she realized that she was missing very personal belongings. Leoni paid one moving company $4,000 to complete her long distance, intrastate move. They moved Leoni’s entire life, and they stole a piece of it as well. According to Leoni, during her move she lost an old cedar chest that held generations of family history, photos, and awards.

Birmingham movers, The Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration urge homeowners who are moving to make a list of all of your belongings and make sure that each item arrives at your destination. Have the moving company that you hire sign off on the list before your move, so that they know that your list matches theirs and vice versa, and then all items should be accounted for. If your mover knows that you are knowledgeable about the moving process and are fully capable of holding them responsible, they will be more willing to make sure they do a good job.

However, there is one secret piece of advice that Leoni took from her unfortunate moving experience; take your personal belongings with you. The only true way to make sure that the items you cherish most are not lost or stolen is by having them in your possession.

If you are moving to Birmingham, don’t fall victim to fraudulent moving companies. All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving families like yours for over 20 years. Our professionally trained moving crew will handle your move as if it was our own family, from our family to yours.

The Better Business Bureau is cracking down on moving companies and warning people to be aware of dishonest moving companies in their area. Advice from the BBB and Birmingham movers – do your research!

In 2014, the BBB received 9,000 complaints regarding moving companies doing shoddy work, breaking items, being hours late, not showing up at all on the day of the move, increasing original quoted prices, and more. The biggest complaint – damaged or missing items.

The BBB, along with professional, credited Birmingham moving companies, urge you to do your homework in enough advance, so that you are not rushing last minute to hire a mover to come and move you to your new home. The BBB and local Birmingham movers also recommend that you check how long the company has been in business and verify that number. You can also request the moving company’s MDOT number and U.S. DOT number to check online to make sure they are licensed and insured. Check the mover’s website and see if they have accreditations from organizations. If your mover is legit, they will do an at-home moving quote, and the BBB suggests that you get three of these before you choose. Never settle for a phone quote, online quote, or pay cash up front before the move takes place.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Birmingham has been moving industry for over 20 years. All of our locations are licensed and certified and you can find their MDOT and U.S. DOT number on their website for you to double check. During our 20 years in business, we have worked hard to perfect the craft of moving and take the stress off of families. If you are looking to move in-state, out-of-state, or even internationally, All My Sons agrees with the BBB and urges you to do plenty of research when hiring a local mover to move your most treasured item – your family.

Local movers are getting their moving trucks ready for the influx of new residents that are expected to move to Birmingham once the construction of a new downtown office complex is completed. What is predicted to be the tallest skyscraper that the city has ever seen, plans were recently submitted to build a 346 foot office block at 103 Colmore Row. This would mean the demolition of the NatWest Tower, and the construction of a completely new tower.

Currently on the desk awaiting approval by Birmingham City Council, Sterling Property Ventures and Rockspring were the developers who constructed the plan to tear down the 1970s building that has been vacant since 2003.

Since the current office tower does not do much for the city as is, Birmingham moving companies and residents alike, are hoping that the construction of the new office tower will draw more residents to the downtown area and make the city more appealing for business.

However, managing director of Sterling Property Ventures James Howarth, explains that their goal is not to appeal only to large business, but rather, “We are keen it becomes a destination for the people of Birmingham. The winter garden and skyline restaurant mean it will be accessible to all.”

Eric Linden, European director at Rockspring, said: “It’s our first investment in Birmingham and we are really proud of it. It is an elegant, modern building, symbolic of the city’s ongoing regeneration.”

If Birmingham City Council passes the proposal, the tallest office tower / skyscraper is said to be completed by 2018.

Eight years ago, a store like no other of its kind opened in Birmingham. What’s on 2nd has quickly become a Birmingham treasure chest – overflowing with unique trinkets in every single corner. No matter how many times locals flock to this quirky store, every time they turn their head they will see something new! What’s on 2nd has turned into locals’ go-to store for awesome gifts, and a place for tourists to kill hours at a time.

What’s on 2nd is located at 2306 2nd Ave. North in Birmingham, so if you are new in town, or even just passing through, Birmingham movers recommend that you get sucked into this black hole of 20th century trinkets and collectibles.

As reported by Jay Reeves for, “The restroom is packed with Elvis Presley memorabilia — all for sale — and a witch shares shelf space with a giant Virgin Mary decoration in the holiday department upstairs. A toy Darth Vader stands sentinel beside a poster from the 1960s musical ‘Hair’”.

Look up and look down and you will find something that is sure it catch your attention. What’s on 2nd is decorated wall to wall, floor to ceiling, with hundreds of items that store owners Steve Gilmer and Ian Philips have collected to sell, all with the same theme of what they call “tacky, tasteless, or irreverent.” Although that may not sound alluring, Birmingham movers and locals alike, assure out-of-towners it is a sight that you will not want to miss!

For the past 26 years, elementary, middle, and high school students try to come up with ways that they can drop an egg 100 feet off of the ground and not have it crack. In Birmingham, this is known as the Annual Brent Newman Memorial Egg Drop Contest, sponsored by the UAB Student Chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Engineering.

As part of the contest, students have to design containers or apparatuses that can hold a raw egg and keep it from breaking, after they release it from the top of the Vulcan statue (which is roughly 105 feet tall). The contest aims to engage young students to think creatively and hopefully go into the field of engineering in the future.

This year was the 26th annual egg drop and the schools that participated were: Creek View Elementary, Isabella School, Gadsden Middle School, and Oak Mountain High School. Over 400 students participated this year.

If you are moving to Birmingham and you have children, Birmingham movers want you to be aware that the aforementioned schools are great schools to look into, that foster creativity, critical thinking, and can fuel your child’s academic and professional future.

You are planning a move and have no idea where to start. You may ask yourself, “What should I pack first and where should I even put these belongings?” Although it seems hard, there are some Birmingham moving companies, such as All My Sons, that are willing to assist you. With several decades of experience and excellent customer service, we are the perfect choice when you need to make a move, whether it is local or not.

Keeping Items Safe and Protected

As movers, our first goal is to ensure that your belongings are protected. We wrap padding around furniture items, such as couches, bureaus and coffee tables to ensure that they do not become damaged while we are transporting them from your home to the truck and then into your new home. Along with padding wrap, we offer plenty of other packing supplies for some of your non-furniture items, such as clothing, shoes and collectibles.

Why You Should Leave It Up to the Professionals

Moving on your own becomes stressful, especially if you do not have what you need to pack and transport your belongings. We are a full-service moving company that helps with the process from start to finish. And, it does not matter if you are moving to a new neighborhood or to an entirely different city because we offer to help with out-of-state moves too. We are one of the most reliable Birmingham moving companies available.

You are planning to sell your home and want to have an open house. Potential buyers want to have a look at what is on the market before they commit to buying anything. With many of your belongings still in your home, you may not be able to handle the daunting task of transporting everything to a storage facility. If you are already stressed because potential buyers will come to view the home in the next few days, we here at All My Sons in Birmingham are here to help. We are one of the Birmingham moving companies that can quickly and efficiently transport belongings.

Gathering What You Do Not Need

You may want to leave some items in the home to achieve that staged and livable environment during the open house. However, you may have a lot of other items that you need to put in storage so that the home does not look cluttered. Gather those items and then we will help you wrap them, pack them and take them to a secure storage facility.

 Keep It Simple and Avoid Any Hassle

Avoid packing, hauling and driving all of your belongings to the storage facility alone. As one of the greatest Birmingham moving companies available, we will make sure to handle the hard work for you, which would include providing packing supplies, carrying items out, loading belongings on the truck and quickly relocating them while you focus on selling your home.