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Finding moving companies in Birmingham, AL that you can trust can be a tough task. Our Birmingham movers know that there are a lot of choices out there for you to sort through. We are here to help you find the right moving company for the job. Here are four tips from our professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage on how to find the best moving companies in Birmingham, AL.

  1. Do an online search

The internet is a helpful tool to find what you need, fast. Do a quick google search and go through the first 5-6 results. Check out their websites and services and see if they offer the moving and packing services that you need.

  1. Read reviews

Once you find some moving companies online, make sure you go to review applications and sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and more to see what people are saying about them. A good rule of them is to make sure the reviews are recent and that the company is rated at least 3 stars.

  1. Ask for recommendations

Your friends and family are valuable resources for you. They may have used a moving company that they highly recommend and can give you a name to ask for and an idea of what to expect. They can give you a true insight into their experience with the company, better than an online review.

  1. Call the moving companies you find

Once you have a list of several moving companies in Birmingham, AL from either online search, reviews and recommendations from friends and family, call them all. Talking to them on the phone will give you a good first glimpse at the level of service you’ll receive with each company. Ask questions and see what services they offer.

If you take these steps, you’ll be sure to find the right moving company for you. And of course, if you are looking for a top quality local mover at an affordable price, give our Birmingham movers a call.




You’ve made it through another year of school- congrats! Now the real hard part- packing up all that stuff you’ve accumulated in your dorm room before you head home with Mom and Dad for the summer. Well don’t worry- our Birmingham movers have some tips to make moving out of your dorm room easy and efficient.

Our Birmingham movers offer high quality packing supplies for anything you may need to pack- from TVs to mini refrigerators. But if you want to save some money when moving out of your dorm room, look around your room and use what you have creatively. Don’t spend unnecessary money on packing products if you have what you need already. Laundry bags, trash bags and storage bins can all be used to pack up your belongings.

Before you start the moving process, make sure your room is clean and things are where they are supposed to be. Take a day and do a clean sweep of your room. Throw away trash and give away things you don’t want or need. All those clothes you borrowed from your roommate or neighbor can go back to their rightful owners. Make a quick trip to the campus bookstore and sell back the books you do no longer need. No need to pack those heavy bulky books.

If there is a local Salvation Army or Goodwill by your campus, head over and drop off that trash bag of items you don’t want. You’ll feel good about yourself for helping the community and can even get a tax credit if you keep your donation receipt. Cleaning out your room will get rid of a lot of the clutter and help you focus on what really needs packing up.

Organize your belongings. Roll up your clean clothes from drawers and put them in your suitcase. Don’t bother taking your hanging clothes off the hanger. Wrap a trash bag around about 10 hangers of clothes for easy moving from your dorm to your summer closet. Use your laundry bag or hamper for your dirty clothes and sheets/comforter – you can bring them home and wash them there. Shoes can go in trash bags or bins you used for organizing space.

Use your shower caddy to pack your toiletries. Re-organize all your storage containers and drawers to fit as many items as possible. Then tape closed the drawers so you can move them as they are- no further packing required.

Finally, make sure anything that is freestanding like lamps, glasses, plates, etc. are wrapped in the right packing products. Remember your local Birmingham movers can provide packing products and supplies as well as help with any large items or specialty items that might be too tricky. Do one last sweep around the room to make sure you have everything, vacuum the floor and say goodbye- your done moving out of your dorm room!



Every moving company in Birmingham is different. Some include basic transport of items from one home to the next, while others go the extra mile and provide top notch Birmingham packing services like those of All My Sons Moving & Storage. Still, while the moving and packing services offered by each moving company differs, there are certain rules that are universal. There will always be a list of items that should never be placed in the moving truck. Whether it is something that is illegal or dangerous to transport, or something that is best transported in your personal vehicle, here’s a list of everything you shouldn’t expect your Birmingham moving company to transport.


Unsealed and/or perishable food

This is an absolute no-no. Moving companies in Birmingham won’t bother to transport any perishable goods. This is because the bed of the moving bed is the perfect environment for food to spoil and grow harmful bacteria and mildew. Additionally, food can spill and become a hassle to clean up. It’s always bet to get rid of or consume your extra food before moving day arrives.


Flammable Chemicals

Flammable materials are high on the list of things that can’t be transported by a moving company. This includes gardening sprays, propane tanks, and cleaning products. You may also need to check with your moving company and verify that they are able to transport any alcoholic beverages that you may have in your possession as well.



Weapons and ammunition is another area that Birmingham movers tend to stray away from. Much like flammable chemicals, the transport of ammunition is not safe/illegal and must therefore be moved in your own personal vehicle. Check in with your state/county law department before traveling with any weapons.


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There are two kinds of people in the world when it comes to moving. Those who want to do everything on their own, and those who trust the expertise of professional moving and packing services in Birmingham. Although it’s always advised to let the experts handle a move for you, some people want a more hands on experience, or they just want to save money in any way that they can. For those individuals operating on a strict budget, these old clothes used as improvised packing products can alleviate any financial concerns.



If you weren’t aware of this already, one of the most improvised packing products used in a move are socks. You can use socks for a variety of moving purposes, including packing an outfit. Socks rolled into balls are quite handy for filling in empty space in cardboard moving boxes in place of packing peanuts. This is an especially useful way to plan an eco-friendly move as well. Packing peanuts, while used by many professional packing services in Birmingham, get a bad rep for not being recyclable.


Towels and Bedding

Protecting fragile items such as dishware, glasses, and electronics is an important part of moving. Instead of stacking these items in boxes without protection, try wrapping them in towels, bedsheets and other fine linen. This will prevent them from being damaged or broken during transport and allow you to stay under your moving budget.


T-Shirts and Sweaters

Much like towels, T-Shirts and sweaters can be used to wrap your belongings as well. This is primarily “a good idea” for wrapping items that aren’t so fragile, but you still want to keep protected. Try using one of your old college sweatshirts the next time you want to wrap your video game collection.


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Birmingham, Alabama gets hot in the summer, which makes moving uncomfortable! The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Birmingham have created this guide of moving day essentials to help you beat the heat this summer. Follow along closely, to avoid being uncomfortable in the high temperatures this summer.


Since you’re going to be moving outside in the heat, you want to first start by packing very light t-shirts in your moving day essentials bag. Your essentials bag is going to be everything you’re going to need for moving day, along with the first few nights in your new home. You’ll want to be in lightweight, light-colored clothing while you are outside in the heat all day.


A best kept secret from your local movers is to keep a cold, wet towel with you always. If you put it on the back of your neck, it feels great, lowers your body temperature and helps keep you cool while you are outside in the heat this summer. Wearing sunscreen is another way to help your skin’s ability to shed excess heat.

Lastly, it’s important that you have water readily available at all times! If you are hiring professional movers, it’s very courteous to have cold beverages available for them, and if you would do this for them, you should do it for yourself as well. It’s very easy to get dehydrated when you are doing heavy lifting in the heat, so to avoid any dehydration, be well prepared!

Let’s face it: moving is expensive and stressful, and the last thing you want is to add damaged items into the mix. Packing paper is usually the way to go when purchasing packing products, plus there are other packing product alternatives that you might not have even been aware of. The professional movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage in Birmingham want you to have a stress-free move, so follow these packing tips to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Sweaters and Coats

Soft, yet bulky winter gear can provide cushion for your fragile items. Lining boxes or containers, or wrapping up your valuables with your sweats and coats can help give a layer of protection to your things that are placed inside the boxes.


Towels are ideal for separating items, like plates and other glassware. Doing this can help prevent chips or cracks. A thin, soft layer of towels in between fragile items can keep them from clinking together and breaking.

Blankets and Sheets

Professional movers will use moving blankets to wrap your furniture, electronics and large frames, so your own blankets and sheets make for the perfect packing product alternative. Blankets and sheets need to be packed anyways during a move, so why not use them the same way the professionals would? One of the best packing tips for packing your mattress is to put two fitted sheets around the mattress to protect it from dirt and dust while on the back of the moving truck.

Call our professional moving team today for quality moving services in Birmingham!

Have a Summer Yard Sale in Birmingham

Moving presents a great opportunity to have a summer yard sale in Birmingham! It’s the perfect opportunity to declutter, and now that you have an abundance of stuff, you should use it to your advantage and make a few bucks by having a yard sale. Our Birmingham packing company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has tips for hosting a successful yard sale.

The first step to having a summer yard sale is to pick a date. Most people go with Saturday and Sunday mornings, and you’ll get a larger crowd if you start early because people won’t have to interrupt their day to attend your yard sale.

After you’ve decided on a date, create a newspaper ad, make some signs and post on social media. You want to generate as much traffic as possible if you want to make some money and get rid of your stuff.

On the day of your yard sale, our Birmingham packing company recommends having change already set aside. Make sure you have fives, ones and quarters. Make sure you sort all your things before you price them. It makes it easier for your potential buyers and helps to keep your garage sale organized.

If you have young kids, let them help by having a lemonade stand. They will feel like they are involved and helping, and it also keeps them busy while you are making sales. It’s a fun “entrepreneurial” experience for them! Your customers will be hot and thirsty, so why not have some lemonade available for them?

How to Pack Wine Bottles

The moving team at All My Sons Moving & Storage understands it can be difficult to try to move large amounts of wine bottles. Fortunately, with expert Birmingham packing services, we can help you properly pack and move wine bottles.

A divider is the best way to keep your bottles from banging against one another during transit. You can purchase a divider/cell kit from your local moving company, get them for free from a specialty wine or liquor store or get them included with Birmingham packing services. You also want to make sure that the box is tall enough to allow for the tallest bottle to be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap.

Start by taping the bottom of the box. The bottom must be secured before you put any wine bottles in it. Tape the bottom and reinforce it by lining the inside with more tape and a piece of cardboard. The box should be sturdy and not one that is worn out or was used previously.

Next, lay out sheets of packing paper. Place a bottle on its side at an angle on one of the corners of the paper. Take a few sheets of the paper and continue to roll the bottle along the paper. Wrap the ends of the paper in as you go, and mold the bottle’s neck as you roll. Secure the paper with tape and make sure there are no loose ends.

Finally, place the wrapped-up bottle into the box. If there is any empty space between the bottle and the divider, fill it with more paper or bubble wrap. Continue filling the box, but just make sure that it doesn’t get too heavy.

Have you just planned your move to Birmingham? Excellent. You’re probably one of the many individuals who have learned how wonderful this city it can be for raising a family. It’s always your best bet to arrange your relocation with a moving and packing service in Birmingham, so that you’re able to focus on more important tasks. What you may not know is what a Birmingham moving company bases its moving quote on how many items you need packed, and the estimated weight of your boxes during transportation. Therefore, it may be a good idea to sort through your belongings and determine what you wish to donate before hiring packing services in Birmingham.

Here are some tips of how to go about doing so:

Donate to Birmingham Food Banks

When packing up your current home, you’ll want to empty the refrigerator and cabinets as much as possible. It’s advised to cook everything you own and limit shopping during the weeks leading up to a move, however donating your canned goods to a Birmingham food bank is another option. It will not only save you some packing room, but you’ll be performing a noble act that will help others.

Donate Clothes to a Shelter

When moving to a new home, you don’t want to take old clothes with you that aren’t going to be worn much or at all. This is a fine time to consider donating clothing that is out of date or doesn’t fit anymore.

Local Birmingham Churches

Upon contracting Birmingham packing services, ask about any local churches that could make use of items that you no longer need. Churches are directly involved in the community and are aware of who is in most need of items that you are no longer using.

Once you’ve donated and you’re ready to go, rely on All My Sons packing services in Birmingham for a smooth move.

Planning a move to Birmingham? There’s something about the summer that has a way of attracting more movers than any other season. It may be the fact that school isn’t usually in session, creating a window of opportunity for parents to move their families without interrupting their child’s schedule. It could also allude to the weather being more comfortable for most individuals, especially those who come from cooler climates.

Regardless of the reasoning, the summer season is the most popular time for moving to Birmingham and for anyone planning to relocate during this time frame, there are things to be aware of. The moving and packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage have outlined these tips for planning your summer Birmingham, Alabama move the right way.

Plan Accordingly

Moving to Birmingham in the summer is no different from moving to any other city in terms of what your first step should be when moving, and that means planning. Ideally, you want to schedule your move with moving company in Birmingham at least 6 weeks ahead of time. Again, the summer is the most popular time for moving and availability for professional movers could vary.

Find Packing Supplies in Birmingham

If you’re unable to acquire the services of a Birmingham packing service, then you’ll want to figure out where you can acquire packing supplies. Using quality packing supplies is important in any move and can make the difference between your items being safely transported or damaged/broken.

Plan for Your Pets

Moving with a pet is not easy in general, however moving to Birmingham with a pet in the summer presents different complications. If you’re out shopping for packing supplies in Birmingham, consider purchasing a cooling vest. As the name suggests, it’ll help keep your furry companion cool during the moving process if you plan to keep them with you in the car or outdoors for a long period of time.