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When you picture your moving day, what do you worry about most? The answer to this question varies from person to person; for that matter, during your move your answer can vary from phase to phase. Let’s face it, there is nothing fun about moving aside from picking out your new place and celebrating after […]

Every day, I get the pleasure of telling people who are stressed about moving in Birmingham that I am going to take care of everything they need. The people I talk to are generally more stressed than normal as a result of the moving responsibilities they are not used to. There is no questioning the […]

Quite an eventful week is ending for your movers here in Birmingham. Finally thawing out, a dark dreary and sunless Birmingham looked like it was straight out of a sci-fi movie this week. Our moving trucks looked like they were frozen in time! Not a person was in sight as roads were so unfit for […]

You can’t get enough advice as far as buying or selling your house is concerned. Moving professionals in Birmingham have much more exposure to real estate and in all probability have a tighter grasp on some key concepts concerning the topic. Keep in mind that you can never know too much about buying or selling […]

Your new home has been secured, and everything has been finalized except the process of getting there. And you say, “What’s the big deal, I’ll just move myself.” Well before you make that decision weigh your options. If you choose to do the move yourself, you can run into some very hairy situations. The big […]

As a child I remember a couple of tense report card times. These situations were due to me not making the grade. Believe it or not, there are movers who don’t make the grade. Those are the ones you want to stay away from. When you begin searching for a relocation company check out what […]

As you begin to focus on the best way to transition to your new environment it’s important to secure a corporate relocation team to manage your move. Nothing is more stressful than attempting to move without the proper support. Undoubtedly moving is a bear all by itself, but moving to a new city can be […]

Are you moving in Birmingham soon? Most moving companies provide packing or allow do-it-yourself packing. A full service mover is suited to securely and safely pack and unpack your belongings to ensure everything arrives in one piece. If you prefer to handle your own packing, your movers can furnish you with adequate packing materials and […]