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Alabama May Join the Film Industry

The South is not a new area to film production, in fact, Louisiana’s Baton Rouge is a popular location for several films each year. And while Alabama based movies of the past such as Sweet Home Alabama, Forrest Gump, and Crazy in Alabama were set in the state, none of them were actually filmed there. Now, it seems as though Alabama residents are trying to get a piece of the Hollywood pie as well. The Alabama Film Office is seeking to promote Alabama as a great place to film on location.

Since tax breaks are a huge draw to Baton Rouge for production teams, Alabama passed legislation at the end of June stating that companies who who film a television series in Alabama can receive financial incentives of up to 35 percent. This is intended to lure entertainment honchos looking to save money while also bolstering the local economy.The Birmingham movers think this legislation will have a positive impact on the local economy and hopefully ignite Alabama as a financially smart place to make a film.

You can read more about the new filming laws & incentives on the Alabama website here.

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