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Freshen Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one area of the home that needs constant cleaning, attention, and TLC. Take care of your bathroom and it will reflect on the rest of your home. A few cleaning habits can be put into practice to ensure that your bathroom is a place that is well kept and ready for company. The Birmingham movers have a few tips on keeping your bathroom in good shape with just a few minutes a day.

Keep the mirror spot-free. Toothpaste splatter and hard water stains portray the opposite of clean, even if the rest of the bathroom is well-kept. Save on glass cleaners and opt to use 2 tablespoons of white vinegar to clean the mirrors. Rather than buffing clean with a towel or rag, use a coffee filter to cut down fuzz.

Get rid of soap scum. Mildew, mineral deposits, and hard water come together to create this shower pest. Use lemon juice or white vinegar to whittle away at these stains.

Display candles, flowers and other unique touches that keep your bathroom pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Live by the beach? Display a basket of seashells. Going for a spa look? Have a little basket of display soaps.

Keep hand towels readily available for guests (and family) to wipe their hands dry after washing.

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