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Mobile, AL Home Prices Stay Put

For the Alabama city of Mobile, prices for homes did not change from September to October of this year, and they have also remained stagnant in comparison to 2011. The Birmingham movers have learned that analysts are predicting a stronger year ahead for 2013, and also that the local market has hung on fairly well despite low property value and tough stretches throughout the entire state.

In terms of time spent on the market, the average home is spending about 10.68 percent less time on the real estate market for the area, a good sign for the potential growth of the stagnant market. Mobile was ranked as the 97th most searched area, and the Birmingham area rose the search ranks from 76th to 72nd most searched. Hopefully the growth in the area can be slow but steady, and the property in the Alabama area can gain momentum and appreciate over the next few months.

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