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Spring Means it’s Time for Alabama Outdoor Activities

It is officially springtime in Birmingham, Alabama and residents here love the great outdoors! New to the area and have no idea what outdoor activities are the most popular for you to try? Birmingham moving companies love to help new residents and families out, so here are a few of our great city’s most popular outdoor activities for spring!

Turkey Hunting. The number one outdoor activity in Alabama is turkey hunting and it is officially turkey hunting season so get ready to hear about it all around town. Turkey hunting is as popular as college football in town, so if you have young boys, it might be a good idea to take them to a hunters safety course in the area and start learning how to catch your very own Thanksgiving dinner!

Deer and Swine hunting. Yes, more hunting. You can’t live in Alabama if you are pro not hunting game animals. Every year, local hunters propose bills that would allow them to bait deer and swine, and this year, it is back on the table – just so you can get an idea of how much hunting means to the locals.

Fishing. Fishing is a great way to get some bonding time in with your family, especially if you have just moved to Birmingham, it is a great way to see the great Alabama outdoors and relieve some stress. However, this fishing season is starting out a little rainy, with smaller windows of time available for fishermen to cast their lines.

Music. Spring brings a ton of country music and concerts, so be sure to listen to local radio stations and local news stations to find out the exact dates, times, and ticket prices.

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