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How to Pack Wine Bottles

How to Pack Wine Bottles

The moving team at All My Sons Moving & Storage understands it can be difficult to try to move large amounts of wine bottles. Fortunately, with expert Birmingham packing services, we can help you properly pack and move wine bottles.

A divider is the best way to keep your bottles from banging against one another during transit. You can purchase a divider/cell kit from your local moving company, get them for free from a specialty wine or liquor store or get them included with Birmingham packing services. You also want to make sure that the box is tall enough to allow for the tallest bottle to be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap.

Start by taping the bottom of the box. The bottom must be secured before you put any wine bottles in it. Tape the bottom and reinforce it by lining the inside with more tape and a piece of cardboard. The box should be sturdy and not one that is worn out or was used previously.

Next, lay out sheets of packing paper. Place a bottle on its side at an angle on one of the corners of the paper. Take a few sheets of the paper and continue to roll the bottle along the paper. Wrap the ends of the paper in as you go, and mold the bottle’s neck as you roll. Secure the paper with tape and make sure there are no loose ends.

Finally, place the wrapped-up bottle into the box. If there is any empty space between the bottle and the divider, fill it with more paper or bubble wrap. Continue filling the box, but just make sure that it doesn’t get too heavy.

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