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Where to Donate Your Extra Items in Birmingham

Have you just planned your move to Birmingham? Excellent. You’re probably one of the many individuals who have learned how wonderful this city it can be for raising a family. It’s always your best bet to arrange your relocation with a moving and packing service in Birmingham, so that you’re able to focus on more important tasks. What you may not know is what a Birmingham moving company bases its moving quote on how many items you need packed, and the estimated weight of your boxes during transportation. Therefore, it may be a good idea to sort through your belongings and determine what you wish to donate before hiring packing services in Birmingham.

Here are some tips of how to go about doing so:

Donate to Birmingham Food Banks

When packing up your current home, you’ll want to empty the refrigerator and cabinets as much as possible. It’s advised to cook everything you own and limit shopping during the weeks leading up to a move, however donating your canned goods to a Birmingham food bank is another option. It will not only save you some packing room, but you’ll be performing a noble act that will help others.

Donate Clothes to a Shelter

When moving to a new home, you don’t want to take old clothes with you that aren’t going to be worn much or at all. This is a fine time to consider donating clothing that is out of date or doesn’t fit anymore.

Local Birmingham Churches

Upon contracting Birmingham packing services, ask about any local churches that could make use of items that you no longer need. Churches are directly involved in the community and are aware of who is in most need of items that you are no longer using.

Once you’ve donated and you’re ready to go, rely on All My Sons packing services in Birmingham for a smooth move.

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