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Tips for Moving During the Summertime

Planning a move to Birmingham? There’s something about the summer that has a way of attracting more movers than any other season. It may be the fact that school isn’t usually in session, creating a window of opportunity for parents to move their families without interrupting their child’s schedule. It could also allude to the weather being more comfortable for most individuals, especially those who come from cooler climates.

Regardless of the reasoning, the summer season is the most popular time for moving to Birmingham and for anyone planning to relocate during this time frame, there are things to be aware of. The moving and packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage have outlined these tips for planning your summer Birmingham, Alabama move the right way.

Plan Accordingly

Moving to Birmingham in the summer is no different from moving to any other city in terms of what your first step should be when moving, and that means planning. Ideally, you want to schedule your move with moving company in Birmingham at least 6 weeks ahead of time. Again, the summer is the most popular time for moving and availability for professional movers could vary.

Find Packing Supplies in Birmingham

If you’re unable to acquire the services of a Birmingham packing service, then you’ll want to figure out where you can acquire packing supplies. Using quality packing supplies is important in any move and can make the difference between your items being safely transported or damaged/broken.

Plan for Your Pets

Moving with a pet is not easy in general, however moving to Birmingham with a pet in the summer presents different complications. If you’re out shopping for packing supplies in Birmingham, consider purchasing a cooling vest. As the name suggests, it’ll help keep your furry companion cool during the moving process if you plan to keep them with you in the car or outdoors for a long period of time.



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