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Moving Out of Your Dorm Room – Birmingham Movers

You’ve made it through another year of school- congrats! Now the real hard part- packing up all that stuff you’ve accumulated in your dorm room before you head home with Mom and Dad for the summer. Well don’t worry- our Birmingham movers have some tips to make moving out of your dorm room easy and efficient.

Our Birmingham movers offer high quality packing supplies for anything you may need to pack- from TVs to mini refrigerators. But if you want to save some money when moving out of your dorm room, look around your room and use what you have creatively. Don’t spend unnecessary money on packing products if you have what you need already. Laundry bags, trash bags and storage bins can all be used to pack up your belongings.

Before you start the moving process, make sure your room is clean and things are where they are supposed to be. Take a day and do a clean sweep of your room. Throw away trash and give away things you don’t want or need. All those clothes you borrowed from your roommate or neighbor can go back to their rightful owners. Make a quick trip to the campus bookstore and sell back the books you do no longer need. No need to pack those heavy bulky books.

If there is a local Salvation Army or Goodwill by your campus, head over and drop off that trash bag of items you don’t want. You’ll feel good about yourself for helping the community and can even get a tax credit if you keep your donation receipt. Cleaning out your room will get rid of a lot of the clutter and help you focus on what really needs packing up.

Organize your belongings. Roll up your clean clothes from drawers and put them in your suitcase. Don’t bother taking your hanging clothes off the hanger. Wrap a trash bag around about 10 hangers of clothes for easy moving from your dorm to your summer closet. Use your laundry bag or hamper for your dirty clothes and sheets/comforter – you can bring them home and wash them there. Shoes can go in trash bags or bins you used for organizing space.

Use your shower caddy to pack your toiletries. Re-organize all your storage containers and drawers to fit as many items as possible. Then tape closed the drawers so you can move them as they are- no further packing required.

Finally, make sure anything that is freestanding like lamps, glasses, plates, etc. are wrapped in the right packing products. Remember your local Birmingham movers can provide packing products and supplies as well as help with any large items or specialty items that might be too tricky. Do one last sweep around the room to make sure you have everything, vacuum the floor and say goodbye- your done moving out of your dorm room!



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