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Things that Should NOT be Put in a Moving Truck

Every moving company in Birmingham is different. Some include basic transport of items from one home to the next, while others go the extra mile and provide top notch Birmingham packing services like those of All My Sons Moving & Storage. Still, while the moving and packing services offered by each moving company differs, there are certain rules that are universal. There will always be a list of items that should never be placed in the moving truck. Whether it is something that is illegal or dangerous to transport, or something that is best transported in your personal vehicle, here’s a list of everything you shouldn’t expect your Birmingham moving company to transport.


Unsealed and/or perishable food

This is an absolute no-no. Moving companies in Birmingham won’t bother to transport any perishable goods. This is because the bed of the moving bed is the perfect environment for food to spoil and grow harmful bacteria and mildew. Additionally, food can spill and become a hassle to clean up. It’s always bet to get rid of or consume your extra food before moving day arrives.


Flammable Chemicals

Flammable materials are high on the list of things that can’t be transported by a moving company. This includes gardening sprays, propane tanks, and cleaning products. You may also need to check with your moving company and verify that they are able to transport any alcoholic beverages that you may have in your possession as well.



Weapons and ammunition is another area that Birmingham movers tend to stray away from. Much like flammable chemicals, the transport of ammunition is not safe/illegal and must therefore be moved in your own personal vehicle. Check in with your state/county law department before traveling with any weapons.


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